(GirlsLoveFestival 25) [Purimomo (Goyac)] Himegoto Flowers 14 (YuruYuri)

(GirlsLoveFestival 25) [ぷり桃 (ごやっち)] 秘め事フラワーズ14 (ゆるゆり)

Parodies: yuruyuri (137)
Artists: goyac (82)
Groups: purimomo (76)
Languages: japanese (170,394)
Categories: doujinshi (194,582)
24 pages

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Atleast their actually fuckin’ again.
I'll probably reread once this is completed. If it ever gets completed 😥
No soy una pervertida
6 months for this few of pages? Common fuck you guys
Every time I see goyac back at it again, the voice in my head goes "PREVIOUSLY ON DRAGON BALL Z" I ain't complaining tho
I guess I shall start taking better care of my health just to survive long enough to see this to the bitter end.