[Takuwan] Pakotate! Seikouritsu 0% no Teppeki Bishojo VS Seikouritsu 100% no Hentai Katei Kyoushi | Pakotate! Sex Rate 0% Iron-Willed Beautiful Virgins VS Sex Rate 100% Perverted Coach Ch.1-3 [English] {Doujins.com}

[たくわん] ぱこたて! 性交率0%の鉄壁美処女VS性交率100%の変態家庭教師 第1-3話 [英訳]

Artists: takuwan (112)
Categories: manga (68,660)
88 pages

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is this a sequel to something?
It’a called dignity.. we all lost it one way or another
It feel good
It feels like I missed something.