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story was dumb as always but man is the art hot as fuck
fuck ntr, but at least he did something about
Hmm this artwork seem the same as takeda hiromitsu.
Noctis Lucis Caelum
Kirishima: "Satsuki... i love you" Satsuki: "I love it too... i love sex!" XD LOL what a no ball loser. that's what you get for not confessing before she became a huge slut whore! you should have done something before it got out of hand! retard, characters like him, soy boy nice guys deserve to get cucked man. stand up for yourself and do or say something. dont just stand there and watch everything unfold before you. what a loser. Great work by the way i love it! all the people who dont like this genre are just like Kirishima, no nut losers who cant stand up for themselves.
@Junko Affairs5 You look pretty upset to me LOL
Qwhat miss queen vote ? I think it miss thot vote lol
...Almost every fuckin tank,story,doujin someone shit out to this fuckin site is fucking NTRASH.What the fuck is wrong with you people? -- MEMBER OF ANTI-NTRASH MOVEMENT --
Junko Affairs
I'm not even going to rage over this garbage book cause it's nothing except a cleverly planned way to stir up drama about the book by the artist and try to bait emotions in the easiest most pathetic way possible. Just like I said no point in even being upset cause this tank will be forgotten with the other tens of thousands of horribly written cuck fantasy stories. Maybe next time if sanagi focused on trying to create an actual uniquely erotic story and less of trying to appeal to faggot low testosterone incel neckbearded cucks maybe he'll have a book that's actually worth a fuck. But until then fuck this cuck bait ass book.
The art is great but there is a lot of cuckery going on in this piece.
As you can see from the sounds he make Scout Assasin (Noirea) loves to be teabagged
Crazy diamond crazy diamond crazy diamond CRAZY DIAMOND CRAZY DIAMOND!!!! WHY THE HELL DOESNT MY ABILITY WORK
How can you even enjoy this?Ah i know this was made for pathetic fat fucks with their dick smaller than a 10 year old.
I'm sorry to tell you ugly bastards and cucks out there that you can only dream of doing this IRL. If by miracle you get a girlfriend,I hope she cheats behind your back,or worse get raped. Peace
Feels bad man, but the art is too good... Now I'm confused
I'm seconding mistermew's sentiment. fuck these guys in the ass and cuck them because they secretly want it.
Fun fact btw if you check DG28 and rest of the "hurrdurr kill all cucks" bridgade recently added hentai in their profile is that they quite often add hentai from a certain genre and guess which it is. Jep, fucking NTR. You can't make that shit up. Nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.
lmao what a masterpiece
Is this takeda hiromitsu's second account?
I'd like to see the last story animated with a more conclusive ending.
I'm not into ntr, but at this point i just check it to see if Iexpected better has graced the comment section with his cringey presence. Like, my god, ntr is already in the title.
good shit. been browsing through this author's works just now and holy shit each and one of them is just a fucking masterpiece.
oops you're not mom
Well the title was self-explaining so ...
She freaking looks like Himeko Inaba
Sir Dragon
Wow Hitler-Sensei sure knows how to get the girls
That school as nothing on the school in dropout. Kill all cucks.
Hello denegenrates, have you missed me. Kill all cucks!
The last chapter is how iexpectedbetter lost his mother
Where's the mind control!?