(COMITIA126) [ZOAL (LEN[A-7])] Densha nite | In the train [English] [Loligasm]

(コミティア126) [ZOAL (LEN[A-7])] 電車にて [英訳]

Parodies: original (9,216)
Artists: lena a-7 (17)
Groups: zoal (17)
Categories: doujinshi (199,704)
27 pages

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Nice artwork and some social criticism, pretty neat tbh.
Junko Affairs
Holy fucking shit that was the most awkward book I've read in a long time had to skip pages cause that shit was so cringy. Fucking christ, really hope the author made this shit as some retarded inside joke.
Pom Pom Cultist
as a wise man once said "Its called hentai and it's art." Really nice art.
Isekai beam but reversed
Look at all the cute, little kitties!
well they are rude but it's out of ignorance, great art nonetheless
Good art, trash story. Can’t fap to annoying cunts
Massive Legend
Typical US tourists in Tokyo overground
Well they are a bunch of rude assholes.
Good style but I can't fap on annoying ppl, so next
Hi, what is the name of the author ? I really liked this, if he make non-hentai/ecchi manga i want to take a look into it. I am really impressed by the quality of the drawing and its way of telling its story
@Iexpectedbetter This time why? I mean, what did he do?