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Just some inside into someone who loves vanilla and avoids any dark content. I shared my personal feeling in hopes that it helps people who wonder why do some people care so much about a cartoon character. A sample, as i can't speak for everyone. So let's stop with this dog fight and let others express their feeling w.o stepping on each other. I dropped down to confirm my theory that the dark scenes are some kind of hallucination, instead i am forced to read some ugly comment worse than material i am trying to avoid :( So does anybody knows the plot, was all the dark scene a hallucination?.(2)
Guys this is my personal opinion and something i do really feel. I am a loner, socially awkward and pretty much a shut in, apart from my work. Hence the only reason i read manga is to make some memories. I read lot of them nowadays, not just hentai but also play games for distraction. Due to above mentioned reason i kind of avoid any dark material like horror games, super gore and fast phase games and not surprisingly Netorare or rape or cheat manga. Now i am not one to preach moral here and doing so would be hypocritical because essentially even i do consider a romantic relation ship between son and mother, a vanilla. (1)
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longest hentai manga so far gonna hit more than 300 pages
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