[Kansai Orange (Arai Kei)] Kachiku no Ou Dainiwa [Digital]

[関西オレンジ (荒井啓)] 家畜の王 第二話 [DL版]

Parodies: original (9,216)
Artists: arai kei (170)
Languages: japanese (173,828)
Categories: doujinshi (199,704)
36 pages

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So if I got this right, previous story 3 guys harasses a girl and beats up a guy, guy’s sister turns up and beats up/scared of the 3. They get mad and hires a guy to fight her, kidnaps the brother to get the girl there. She loses the fight and the 3 guys forced the weakened girl to have sex with her brother and then rapes her. In this story the little bro snu snu the harassed girl and the fight guy sleeps with his own sis, and were maybe introduced to the fact that the lil bro was in on the 3 guys plan.
are we missing something
Is this a multiwork series?
see you in one year for chapter 3 guys