EWWsword Vol.2 by berg

[CreShadow (博哥)] 哎額之光2 (エルソード) [中国語] [DL版]

Parodies: elsword (29)
Characters: eve (42)
Artists: bergyb (3)
Languages: chinese (32,719)
Categories: doujinshi (196,889)
12 pages

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Elsword is still going pretty strong. Still bonker here and there but story is improved and massive revamp is coming soon. The game ain't ending any time soon I think. Also, Eve is the best lol
@LeCaster same here bro... i wonder how are things since they changed it from Grandchase?... hmmm
Is elsword still a thing? I used to play it a lot like two years ago, but end up getting bored of it because of the powercreep and overburned by the raids and such. I know the game still is going, but how are things now?
Would've probably been great the tentacles. Probably.