EWWsword Vol.2 by berg

[CreShadow (博哥)] 哎額之光2 (エルソード) [中国語] [DL版]

Parodies: elsword (29)
Characters: eve (42)
Artists: bergyb (3)
Groups: creshadow (4)
Languages: chinese (34,259)
Categories: doujinshi (202,213)
12 pages

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The force is strong on this one
Elsword is still going pretty strong. Still bonker here and there but story is improved and massive revamp is coming soon. The game ain't ending any time soon I think. Also, Eve is the best lol
@LeCaster same here bro... i wonder how are things since they changed it from Grandchase?... hmmm
Is elsword still a thing? I used to play it a lot like two years ago, but end up getting bored of it because of the powercreep and overburned by the raids and such. I know the game still is going, but how are things now?
Would've probably been great the tentacles. Probably.