[Hikoma Hiroyuki] Imouto to Nakayoku Naritai! (Gangime JS Satsueikai) [English] {Hennojin}

[彦馬ヒロユキ] 妹と仲良くなりたい! (ガンギメJS撮影会) [英訳]

Categories: manga (67,946)
25 pages

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Jesus you God
this is the truth that Story NTR is a low-quality story. 👏👏👏 0.5/10
Lucas Underwear
Why is this a Rape? She likes it. x3
I didn't even read it I'm just confused as to why "hot-pants" has to be a tag
This might be good if the sister was older and the guy looked normal (and wasn't as creepy)
Huh, I actually hated all of that. Impressive work
Ariana Grande
I cannot read this. he is creepy.
artists art is great but his stories suck. oh well i'm not here to read.
Rape Horse
And, even though I don't usually empathize with hentai girls getting raped (and I read a lot of rape stories), this one made me feel a bit sad in a way that I can't explain
Rape Horse
Wtf? Why does her older brother looks so fucking old? Well, anyway. I don't know what feel about this one, the plot wasn't interesting at all, I kinda forced me to read it until the end
Had potential. But not great execution
the plot is cool and all but I could appreciate it if the MC is not ugly as that. He just finish colleage so why does he look like 50
Why tf would she love the big brother in the first place
Shady Individual
Lame as fuck product. Just like these pathetic cucks below me
I approved this go ahead Sister must respect their brothers If they can't then its brothers' job to discipline them
*chick chick* sigh.......time for a cuck hunt WHO WITH ME!!!!!
Disgusting Kill all Cucks..
After reading this, i want to bleach my eyes and forget i ever read this
Barely NTR so it’s pretty good. Still wish Hikoma would stop making his MCs ugly bastards though :/
Everyone is over 18 even if stated otherwise
This was just trash all around to be honest.
booo, NTR is dumb booooo Now that I got your attention, I’d like to inform you that the USS Liberty Incident was far from an accident
This showed a lot of promise in the beginning... then was just dumb with the hypnosis shit lmfao