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fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
There are other wincest NTRs which are far better than this one. This one is mediocre at best.
loli god
First 29 pages are 👌
Im Searching my Boyfriend
The Ahegao God
Only came here for the comments.
Kill all cucks. Someone find Stewie a Doctor he needs help.
Uhm, this was just not good, I can do most ntr, but this is bad lol. 3/10, the story was bad, the art was ok and the constant broter-in-law was kinda annoying haha
Oh c'mon and here I thought that the vanilla story I've read was boring fucking hell 3.5/10
Ugh...... I'll skip on my opinion this time, I'm just tryna fap. A quick fap is all I need
Shady Individual
I'm all set for any form of netorare but even I have to stoop down so low and agree with the likes of @Iexpectedbetter and his illiterate goons because of how awful this is. I'm SuPeR DuPeR MaD when there's a shit netorare story because netorare is superior than anything!
Nice plot but awful artwork and too much text = gets a pass from me sadly.