[ShindoL] Hitori Nabe × Futari Nabe | Single Nabe x Double Nabe (COMIC MUJIN 2008-12) [English] [desudesu] [Decensored]

[新堂エル] 一人ナベ×二人ナベ (COMIC MUJIN 2008年12月号) [英訳] [無修正]

Artists: shindol (215)
Categories: manga (53,542)
36 pages

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Filthy Dweeb
I FOUND IT AGAIN!! MY EFFORTS HAVE PAID OFF!!! yesyesyes thank you Lord
You ever have that feeling when shindol makes good endings that it sorta feel like the world is as bout to end
@KaynemPro well to be fair...that's actually totally the kind of shit ShindoL might pull...I mean, this is the same author that wrote Emergence. That shit's a god damn tragedy nightmare. A sadists wet dream I'm sure, but fuck that was hard hitting and I wasn't ready for it when I read it. Let's all be thankful this book ends where it does, and have a nice wank, eh?
@JokerX0 "HA jokes on you, in the end she goes back home and ntr's this dude for ever" ~ShindoL
this is one of the Shindol stories with a good ending omfg