[Egao ga Ichiban (Tsukusun)] Haru Hime Kankan | Spring Princess Violation [English] {biribiri} [Digital]

[笑顔が一番 (つくすん)] 春姫姦々 [英訳] [DL版]

Artists: tksn (25)
Categories: doujinshi (138,514)
24 pages

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this guy is def my favorite but i wish he at least once gave an ending that wasnt death, i really like the idea of the girl being kept suffering forever. :(
Kind of fucked up. I would rather a world where she and her father became as one, struggling to survive against their debt and a poor harvest, but still fulfilled as a couple. That'd be beautiful. But Tskn doesn't do "happy endings," they're all about the snuff.
That ending was just WTF at least keep her in a sex dungeon, abduct her or keep her alive... i get the rape and shit was just superb even the expressions she made simply perfect. But killing her was a unnecessary.
She didn't have to get killed like that.
i'm really into this shit :)
Poor loli. I would rape her father.
Even though I'm into guro, this shit is still fucked up. Poor loli. I would kill his father.