[Itaba Hiroshi] Mesu Oba Misao Arc plus Gaiden [English] [Various]

[板場広し] 熱帯夜 章1-2 [英訳] [Brolen] , [板場広し] 彼岸花【前編】、【後編】 [英訳] [SaHa] & [板場広し] 牝叔母、美沙緒 [英訳] [Brolen]

Categories: manga (53,542)
113 pages

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The Great Admirals of Review
i can give a short review "OH MY GOD BABY"
Shame this can't go onymore than this. I enjoyed this one way too much, and its the 2nd time ive read it since I read it the first time. Fucking GOLD!