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not even satan allows this shit in hell
Now this shit is fucked up. How far do we have to stray from our humanity to do shit like this? Like what the fuck, it's messed up. On the topic of animals going extinct, I see it happening. As well as the end of humans. But yeah. If you like this shit to the point of rereading it, I'm judging hardcore dude. Like. No.
There is one thing that worries me about this. From the looks of it all animals (as we know them) have died and beed replaced by human vershions of those animals (as shown by the bunny, sheep and cow girls) but then does that mean they kill them and eat cow, sheep and other animal girls like we do normal animals???? Tbh im prob looking into this way to much.
Glad to see that hentai from 3 years ago is just as good as it is today
the only thing that got me through this was morbid curiosity. it was one of the wildest rides ive been through good god
after awhile.. this became disturbing........
ayeeee gotta read another one of these
I still can not knownthebend in frist series? Where the boy aunt , him family ?
OMD This was a fun reading experience