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i like this universe, it looks like there's mostly only happiness here, I'd live in this place if i could but alas this is just fiction.
"But what kind of creature would be born if they mate?" Oh please, don't be coy Horihone Saizou...you know you're going to show us. I for one look forward to it~ These stories are all so wildly freaky, but still cute. I adore that this author doesn't seem to go for gore or violence, things always seem to have a relatively happy ending. I think the closest thing to a bad ending was in the first volume, with the Crocodile. Also, totally pissed that skull guy is dead. I like him running that drug store a LOT. Ah well...
Thank you anczar that's exactly how I like this comic the story plot and some of the art work
i like the plot and the idea of the story.. the creatures is weird but aint that bad.. is it fapable? Maybe, but not me.. this shit doesnt turn me on.. i just like the art and the story
Not like that. @just some random guy
I feel like I should vomit. You really need to have hardcoee fetishes if you can fap to this *cough cough* @sexdemon4978
I read some weird and fucked up shit in the past but goddamn this fucking Terrifying I regret reading this now