[Jun] Sonogo no Hime-chan… | Hime-chan After… (Junai Mellow) [English] [Yoroshii]

[Jun] その後の姫ちゃん… (純愛メロウ) [英訳]

Artists: jun (98)
Categories: manga (53,542)
4 pages

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c'mon these things need to be longer
Oh god, Jun doing monstergirl works would be a dream come true. His art style is perfect and his girls have the perfect mentality for it. Not to mention all of the funny vanilla works perfectly fit a monstergirl theme.
I wish Jun would do more to love RU or monster musume this artist has a very awesome style , though I wish he'd also do a story which has more chapters on the one story .
It's always nice to see artists do this; a little continuation of a story. Especially when the art is this beautiful! Kudos to Jun for being godlike, and giving the fans what they want.