[SMUGGLER (Kazuwo Daisuke)] (I can not) understand love. (Violet Evergarden) [Chinese] [塔布里斯個人漢化]

[SMUGGLER (カズヲダイスケ)] (I can not) understand love. (ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン) [中国翻訳]

Characters: violet evergarden (4)
Groups: smuggler (26)
Categories: doujinshi (169,379)
26 pages

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Violet my poor, poor child...... that Bougainvillea guy would die another round if he knows......
Swinger fanatic
didn't knew it was possible to cum with a soft cock but...ah what's this? what's this hot sensation in my hands??? is this....my cum and tears?
this NEED a netorare tag. damm
Well it happened,eventually
I hope the person who drew this filth dies a very slow painful death.
You are on a hentai website, stop complaining, expect the unexpected
I like sex toy
Kirbin all day
I wouls ask for translations, but I dont want to die
i don't care what you guys said, this is fucking gold. wish it was more brutal tho
Guys! Guys! This manga is not THAT bad. ___________________________________________________As long as you imagine Violet as another character like Saber (from fate stay night) you will be fine. _________________________________Although neither of I dont want to see Saber in this shitty doujinshi. But still better than seeing Violet there._____________ (•,_,•)
Very nice, and haters everywhere I go, Just can't understand, wish we can go back to the days where there were no hate comments
... have u watch this anime ?? No right so that why u can't understand what i'm felling right now ... f**k @@ sh*** %%$ !!!
Chinese like to wear green hats more than I thought
Ill Ilah
...Fuck! China like lol! :)
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....... wow.... i was rooting for the booby lady but damn...
This art man, it's so near the canon it's awesome!
Oh god, why have you forsaken us ... It has begun ...
This is why you shouldn't give an emotion to robot
Violet Evergarden is fucking garbo
This doesn't go far enough, need a gang bang, body writing, nipple piercing and possibly pregnant scene xD
Why have you forsaken us dear god? Why? 😭😭
@rossellini Stupid doujin shouldn't be able to depress you that much...
Everyday we stay further from god
Violet is an outstanding fighter (and used to be a deadly tool). She could have snapped that fatso neck and his dick easily. But here we are, rule 34 *sigh*
Summary: After doing poorly at her job, she wonders around, sees a prostitute saying "She loves him" to her customer. Violet becomes curious and thinks the pimp has answer to what love means. She begs for an answer which results in an audition for prostitution. The fat dude takes her virginity and tells her love is when guys creampie her, and if she keep working there she would be able to receive love everyday. Last page, Violet thinks that she "understood" what I love you meant from the flashback.
Although I hate the story the art is definitely on point
this is horrible whoever did this should just go and drown in clorox
Pimping brings more happiness to than ghost writing
this is why i cut myself every week
It was bound to happen eventually 😂
she lost all her arms no only the hands