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@redbrownalgae you're retarded. Dost thou even visually and audibly enjoy the masterpiece called "Rick and Morty", or as it is better known among us intellectuals Rick meister and mortimus. Such an incomprehensible simpleton to even contemplate posting such a foolish comment upon this section. Whilst I do ridicule you as well as other sub-par beings, I do encourage you to attempt to even understand a hundreth of what we consider common knowledge. I shall wish you the best of luck in even starting such a simple task.
LoL look at all this incel that can't imagine being in the elf girl place and being abuse by the guy.LoL,typical weak ass beta male that pretend that they are alpha online when actually they are just weak beta incel fapping to their delusion. HAHAHAHA.
Black Falcon
@redbrownalgae yeah I agree, you are retarded.
@RedbrownAlgae you are retarded.
@Redbrownalgae That's... not a bad idea. Honestly, it's so simple, and I've read other doujinshi that almost do that. I would be surprised if a doujin with that specific plot-twist didn't already exist. But, I think that if the reveal is left for the last few panels/pages, most of the gratification would be lost.
Adam J Harper
@Redbrownalgae You are retarded
@Redbrownalgae You are retarded
I would love to see one of these were at the end, after the dudes have raped the elf whoever the fuck, the elf girl turns into the noble/priest/warlord/evildude who orchestrated the downfall in the first place, and it will have turned out that the elf used illusion magic to make it look like he was her all along while she is already halfway home while the guy is broken begging for dick and everyone feels confused, I think it would be a funny scenario.
@thedictator hi do you know more hentai like this? Im interesested
Read it the first time-*major cock block* Read it the second time-*actually finished reading all of it* Read it the third time-*got super curious**searches up tag**became numb to it* Read it the forth time-*realized I had a reaction*.....*goes to church on Sunday*
fuck elves this is the true order
Finally ! Neromashin like always !
@XFantasy7 fuck off moralfag
Hmm when it's the human race doing the raping, it doesn't quite sit right with me :/ Why are humans so despicable?
Yes!!! Thank god, I have been waiting XD
Neromashin is truly the god of rape and mind break
@ramjet if you saw the title image i don't think you even need to verify the tags, heck even the title has "slave" in it
I gotta pay more attention to the tags, this stuff ain't right to me!
hot elf almost always get rape
still better love story than twilight
God yes finally I've been waiting so long for this to be translated